MKTG07106 2016 Services Marketing and Customer Care

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Full Title
Services Marketing and Customer Care
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Customer Care in Service Orgs
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Subject Area
MKTG - Marketing
MKTS - Marketing, Tourism & Sport
07 - NFQ Level 7
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2016 - Full Academic Year 2016-17
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
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Programme Membership
SG_BAPPL_B07 201900 Bachelor of Business in Applied Sport with Business SG_BSPOR_H08 201900 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BSPOR_H08 202100 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BAPPL_B07 202100 Bachelor of Business in Applied Sport with Business

Students preparing for a work placement in the service sector must be knoweldgeable of the key customer care skills required by them.  This module provides them with these skills in a practical manner.

Working in a service business means that an understanding of the characteristics of such orgnaisations and their marketing challenges must be appreciated by the student.  The student will be exposed to the basic principles of marketing a service.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Demonstrate and practice excellent customer care skills


Examine the importance of the employee in delivering high quality service


Employ  a customer-centric approach to customer care and service delivery


Examine the key concepts of service marketing and apply them in a real business setting

Teaching and Learning Strategies

This module is delivered using a blended approach.  The students will be taught online as well as in lecture and tutorial situations.  Much of the service marketing theory will be delivered online with flipped learning taking palce during class time. The customer care elements will be delivered and assessed in tutorial situations.

Module Assessment Strategies

Service Diary/Article/Case study assessment - Individual

Role plays on key customer care situations - in groups of 3

Workplacement assignment - submitted when the workplacement is competed - Individual

End of semester exam in week 4 - before they go on workplacement

Repeat Assessments

Repeat assessments will be given to the student based on the specific requirement

Indicative Syllabus

Service Marketing Principles

* Characteristics of services

* Customer behaviour in services

* The extended marketing mix for services

Customer Care activities

*  Understanding customers expectations and perceptions

*  Answering the phone

*  Dealing with the customer - assertiveness, non verbal communication, active listening

*  Dealing with challenging customers

*  Being a professional employee

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
80 %
End of Semester / Year Formal Exam
20 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Role Play Continuous Assessment Group Project 30 % Week 3 1
2 Service Diary Continuous Assessment Individual Project 20 % Week 2 3
3 Work placement Assessment Continuous Assessment Individual Project 30 % Week 12 2

End of Semester / Year Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Exam Final Exam Closed Book Exam 20 % Week 4 4

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Online Lecture Computer Laboratory Online lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Lecture Lecture Theatre Lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Tutorial Flat Classroom Tutorial 2 Weekly 2.00
Independent Learning Not Specified Self directed learning 2 Weekly 2.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 6.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Recommended Reading
2012-02-17 Customer Service in Ireland Gill & Macmillan Ltd
ISBN 071715260X ISBN-13 9780717152605

Updated edition of this popular text introducing the fundamental principles and concepts of customer service and presenting them in an Irish context. * New to this edition: * DX Ireland customer service case study * The impact of technology on customer service * The value of nurturing customer trust and loyalty. * Role play guidelines and exercises prompt students to engage in and practise the principles of customer service. * Develops the skills to deliver good customer care, meet customer needs and effectively deal with customer complaints. * Leads to an understanding of the role of customer service in organisational effectiveness. * Presents Irish consumer legislation throughout and includes the rights of the individual where relevant. * Guides the student through the preparation and implementation of a customer care plan. * Includes sample FETAC Level 5 exam papers, general exam questions and exercises. WRITTEN FOR: Any course where FETAC Level 5 Customer Service or Level 6 Customer Care is a module.

Recommended Reading
2012-10-18 Essentials of Services Marketing (2nd Edition) Pearson Education
ISBN 9810686188 ISBN-13 9789810686185

Make it easy for students to understand: Clear, Simple Language and Visual Learning Aids

The authors use simple English and short sentences to help students grasp concepts more easily and quickly. The text consists of full-colored learning cues, graphics, and diagrams to capture student attention and help them visualize concepts.

Know Your ESM presents quick review questions designed to help students consolidate their understanding of key chapter concepts.

Make it easy for students to relate: Cases and Examples written with a Global Outlook

The first edition global outlook is retained by having an even spread of familiar cases and examples from the worlds major regions: 40% from American, 30% from Asia and 30% from Europe.

Help students see how various concepts fit into the big picture: Revised Framework

An improved framework characterized by stronger chapter integration as well as tighter presentation and structure.

Help instructors to prepare for lessons: Enhanced Instructor Supplements

  Instructors Manual: Contain additional individual and group class activities. It also contains chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions.

  Powerpoint Slides: Slides will feature example-based teaching using many examples and step-by-step application cases to teach and illustrate chapter concepts.

  Test Bank: Updated Test Bank that is Test Gen compatible.

  Video Bank: Corporate videos and advertisements help link concept to application. Videos will also come with teaching notes and/or a list of questions for students to answer.

  Case Bank: Cases can be in PDF format available for download as an Instructor Resource.

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources


URL Resources

Other Resources

Articles from various journals and magazines will be made available to the students

Additional Information

The students must interact with moodle and do the work that is required of them in preparation for the classes.