LAW06036 2016 Business and Sport Law

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Business and Sport Law
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Business and Sport Law
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Subject Area
LAW - Law
MRKT - Marketing, Tourism and Leisure
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2016 - Full Academic Year 2016-17
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Ruth Walsh
Programme Membership
SG_BAPPL_C06 201600 Higher Certificate in Business in Applied Sport SG_BAPPL_B07 201900 Bachelor of Business in Applied Sport with Business SG_BSPOR_H08 201900 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BSPOR_H08 202100 Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business SG_BAPPL_B07 202100 Bachelor of Business in Applied Sport with Business

The purpose of this course is to give the student an introduction to Irish and European law. This subject aims to provide students with knowledge of the the basic principles in law and to develop their capacities to enable them to apply legal concepts and legal reasoning to a range of issues confronted in business and in the sport industry.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Describe the system of administration of justice in Ireland in relation to civil and criminal law;


Apply the principles of contract and tort law within the context of the sporting industry;


Analyse and interpret a sport contract;


Evaluate the role played by the Court of Arbitration for Sport  in settling sports disputes;


Demonstrate an understanding of the legal issues associated with "doping";


Demonstrate the ability to cooperate and work effectively with peers.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

This module will be delivered by lecture and tutorial support as appropriate. The learner will be supported in developing an understanding of the theory and key principles in this area and how these apply in the commercial environment. Reference will be made to case study material to support this objective.

Module Assessment Strategies

This module will be assessed by Continuous Assessment (30%) during the semester and by an end of semester exam (70%).

Repeat Assessments

Repeat assessments will be developed as appropriate to assess failed elements.

Module Dependencies


Indicative Syllabus

1. Introduction to the Irish and European legal systems

  • Differences between civil and criminal law;
  • Sources of law, the Irish Constitution, Legislation,Separation of Powers;
  • The importance of European Union law in relation to our legal system;
  • Personnel of the law and the Irish court system.

2. The fundamental principles of contract law

  • The essential elements of a legally binding sports contract;
  • The various terms of a contract;
  • Exemption clauses and contracts in restraint of trade;
  • Discharge of contracts and remedies for breach of contract;
  • Sponsorship agreements. 

3.  An Introduction to Sports Law

  • Why law becomes involved in sport;
  • Role and functions of Sport Ireland.

4.  Sports injuries and criminal law

  • Liability for injuries caused by other players;
  • Violence, injuries and criminal law;
  • Injuries board.

5.  The fundamental principles of negligence

  • The basic principles of the law of negligence;
  • The defences that may be used to defend an action in negligence and the remedies available;
  • Sport and negligence;
  • The Occupier's Liability Act 1995; 
  • Liability for dangerous premises and dangerous events.

6.       Resolution of sports disputes

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions in sport disputes;
  • The role played by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in relation to settling sports disputes;
  • The procedure for bringing sports disputes before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

7.       The legal regulation of doping

  • The legal issues which arise due to doping control;
  • Possible solutions (harmonisation, criminalisation, relaxation) to resolve the problem of doping.



Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
30 %
End of Semester / Year Formal Exam
70 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Written Report , Case study, Exam, Other Continuous Assessment UNKNOWN 30 % Week 8 1,2,3,4,5,6
2 Weekly activities in class such as question and answer sessions, class discussion, case studies etc. Formative UNKNOWN - % OnGoing 1,2,3,4,5

End of Semester / Year Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Final Exam Final Exam UNKNOWN 70 % End of Term 1,2,3,4,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Flat Classroom In class instruction. 4 Weekly 4.00
Independent Learning UNKNOWN Self study 3 Weekly 3.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 4.00 Hours

Module Resources

Non ISBN Literary Resources

"Essentials of Irish Business Law" by Aine Keenan - Gill & Macmillan.

"Principles of Irish Law" by Brian Doolan - Gill & Macmillan.

"Sports Law" by Mark James - Palgrace Macmillan.

"Sports Law" by Simon Gardiner - Cavendish.

Constitution of Ireland - Government Publications Office.

URL Resources

Various legal, government and European websites such as:;;;;;;;

Other Resources



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