DSGN08074 2019 Professional Communications 1 (Visual Identity & Branding)

General Details

Full Title
Professional Communications 1 (Visual Identity & Branding)
Transcript Title
Professional Communications 1
80 %
Subject Area
DSGN - Design
YADA - Yeats Academy Art Dsgn & Arch
08 - NFQ Level 8
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2019 - Full Academic Year 2019-20
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Angela Mehegan, David Roberts, Diarmuid Timmons, Nevil Walsh, Emmet O'Doherty, Louis McManus
Programme Membership
SG_DCRDS_K08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design (Add-on) SG_DCRDS_H08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design

During the course of this module the student-designer, through different elements and activities, engages and applies acquired skills and preferred communication styles and skills to communicate Design-related ideas, perspectives and findings effectively. Central to this is an awareness of the role of team/group work in creating and branding a team design visual identity to a professional standard.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with and liaise between clients and other stakeholders through a team visual identity.


Deliver persuasive presentations of ideas or designs using appropriate media.


Identify and apply communication strategies to secure employment in the design-related field and develop entrepreneurship.


Produce professional documentation  and content relevant to Design including design briefs, reports and project-specific evaluations.


Collaborate in groups/teams in the making of decisions, project planning, problem-solving and the facilitation of others.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching and Learning Strategy include Lectures, Seminars and Workshop based activities. Lectures supported by images and texts, provide the context and background to topics under discussion. Seminars offer opportunities for more in-depth group discussion. Workshops allow for focused interaction, research methodologies, oral communication and structured debate. 

Module Assessment Strategies

Presentations,  formative task exercises, research, individual and group work are all part of the assessment strategy. The approach used in the in-class assessment is to get students to work with the widest range of methods and styles of communications as is practicable.

  1. Group Project / Teamwork Activities
  2. Visual Identity & Branding Project
  3. Design Presentations
  4. Branding Worksheets
  5. Online/Digital Portfolio elements
  6. Report/Visual Essay Writing

Repeat Assessments

Repeat Assessments will be based on existing course material that allow the students to repeat failed CA elements in Autumn.

Indicative Syllabus

Who are you as a design practitioner and what are your aims and ambitions within your specific area?

Seminars, workshops, talks/lectures and other relevant activities use a range of professional skills and communication strategies to articulate a relevant Designer identity, working as a team and prepare for design-oriented career paths.The proposed indicative syllabi for this module is based around the theory, practice and application of two areas:


  • Role(s) of the Designer.  Today & in the Future
  • Teamwork: Team dynamics; Team formation; Teamwork roles.
  • Personal Development; SWOT Analysis, Personal storyboarding
  • Visual Identity: Canvas, Identity Design, Branding Theory
  • Branding: Logo, Icon, Design
  • Brand Features & Identity: Values, Benefits, Qualities, Attributes, Goals


  • Methods of Communications: Interpersonal communication, effective communication, barriers to communication
  • Presentation Skills: Structuring, Preparing and Delivering presentations,  Use of visual aids.
  • Design & Professional Practice :  project planning, realm of design practice, Unique selling propositions (USP)
  • Reflection on Learning and Learning styles: Theory and practice, Team building, Personal development, Group dynamics, Significant Learning Event (SLE) 

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Group Project Branding & Visual Identity Continuous Assessment Group Project 30 % Week 9 1,2,4,5
2 Design Presentation Projects Continuous Assessment Assessment 60 % OnGoing 2,3,5
3 Participation Continuous Assessment Individual Project 10 % OnGoing

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Seminar Design Studio Profesional Communications 1.5 Weekly 1.50
Group Learning Design Studio Teamwork & Visual Identity .5 Weekly 0.50
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 2.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
2014-01-01 Communication in Our Lives Cengage Learning
ISBN 9781285075976 ISBN-13 1285075978

Provide a description about the book that does not include any references to package elements. This description will provide a description where the core, text-only product or an eBook is sold. Please remember to fill out the variations section on the PMI with the book only information. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Required Reading
2015-01-01 Design Basics Cengage Learning
ISBN 1285858220 ISBN-13 9781285858227

A national bestseller, DESIGN BASICS presents art fundamentals concepts in full two- to four-page spreads, making the text easy for students to refer to while they work and giving instructors the utmost flexibility in organizing the course. The authors provide diverse, two-dimensional visual examples from many periods, peoples, and cultures for all elements and principles of design. This updated edition features an exciting array of stunning new examples of painting, graphic design, architecture, and new media to help students recognize the language of design in everyday life. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Required Reading
2012-05-14 Soft Skills Training Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 1468096494 ISBN-13 9781468096491

I was hired by a major university to teach recently released offenders how to become employed. I walked into my first class intending to follow the lead of all the other job training programs in the city, which was teaching the students to properly fill out applications, write resumes, facilitate mock interviews, and locate employment opportunities. After the first couple of classes, most of the students were either not paying attention or sleeping. I quickly realized my presentation needed to be interesting, challenging, beneficial, and actually guide the participants on how to remain employed. However, I was unable to find any published material for teaching new hires the soft skills necessary to keep a job. This workbook is a compilation of the soft skills class material I have developed over an eighteen year period. I have used this material with great success and have taught soft skills in schools, inner-city church programs, nonprofits, and government funded job training programs. It is a unique collection of essays, exercises, quotes, and maxims that will give students a realistic perspective on work-related expectations and the expectations of the supervisors who hire them. It will help students develop their problem solving skills, guide them in making appropriate decisions, and create a desire to plan out goals and achieve them. The workbook style is challenging and playful, serious and engaging and a stepping stone to developing the cognitive skills necessary to quash unproductive thinking and self-defeating emotional behaviors.

Required Reading
2010 Interpersonal Skills for Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers Management Concepts Incorporated
ISBN 1567262880 ISBN-13 9781567262889

Interpersonal skills and awareness are key to building productive relationships with colleagues, associates and clients; to working collaboratively, solving problems and making informed decisions. With the growing complexity of portfolios, programs and projects, and the increasing geographic dispersion of stakeholders, the skills needed to communicate and understand others effectively have never been a more essential part of the blueprint for management success. Interpersonal Skills for Portfolio, Program and Project Managers brings into sharp focus the importance of these people skills or 'soft' skills to achieving results and ensuring customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on how approach and technique can be adapted to get the best out of the different situations and types of interaction that occur day-to-day in the business environment, this accessible resource includes: - Strategies for building effective, high-performing teams - Guidelines for efficient teamwork in a virtual context - Systems for handling stress and dealing with crises - Methods for motivating and leading your team to success With this wealth of practical advice to draw on and proven tools to put into practice, productive, rewarding interpersonal interaction will soon become second nature.

Required Reading
2019-01-22 Identity Designed Rockport Publishers
ISBN 9781631595943 ISBN-13 1631595946

Ideal for students of design, independent designers, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their understanding of effective design in business, Identity Designed is the definitive guide to visual branding. Written by best-selling writer and renowned designer David Airey, Identity Designed formalizes the process and the benefits of brand identity design and includes a substantial collection of high-caliber projects from a variety of the worlds most talented design studios. Youll see the history and importance of branding, a contemporary assessment of best practices, and how theres always more than one way to exceed client expectations. Youll also learn a range of methods for conducting research, defining strategy, generating ideas, developing touchpoints, implementing style guides, and futureproofing your designs. Each identity case study is followed by a recap of key points. The book includes projects by Lantern, Base, Pharus, OCD, Rice Creative, Foreign Policy, Underline Studio, Fedoriv, Freytag Anderson, Bedow, Robot Food, Together Design, Believe in, Jack Renwick Studio, ico Design, and Lundgren+Lindqvist. Identity Designed is a must-have, not only for designers, but also for entrepreneurs who want to improve their work with a greater understanding of how good design is good business.

Required Reading
2015-04-01 The Pocket Universal Principles of Design Rockport Pub
ISBN 9781631590405 ISBN-13 1631590405

This pocket edition of the bestselling design reference book contains 150 essential principles.

Required Reading
2016-01-26 Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers Laurence King Publishing
ISBN 1780675623 ISBN-13 9781780675626

Creating A Brand Identity is a complex challenge for the graphic designer. It requires practical design skills and creative drive as well as an understanding of marketing and consumer behaviour. This practical handbook is a comprehensive introduction to this creative process. Exercises and examples highlight the key activities undertaken by designers to create a successful brand identity, including defining the audience, analyzing competitors, creating mood boards, naming brands, designing logos, presenting to clients and launching the new identity. Case studies throughout the book are illustrated with brand identities from around the world, including a diverse range of industries such as digital media, fashion, advertising, product design, packaging, retail and more. Filled with tips and tricks on research, design and testing, this is essential reading for students, graduates and working designers exploring this area for the first time.

Required Reading
2017-10-16 Designing Brand Identity John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 9781118980828 ISBN-13 1118980824

Designing Brand Identity is a compendium of tools for branding success and best practices for inspiration. 3 sections: brand fundamentals, process basics, and case studies.Over 100 branding subjects, checklists, tools, and diagrams.50 case studies that describe goals, process, strategy, solution, and results

Required Reading
2018-08-13 Effective Communication Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 1724949772 ISBN-13 9781724949776

Amazon Matchbook Deal: Buy A Paperback and Get the E-book for Free. Vocalize your thoughts with compelling skills to express yourself, be authentic, and impress your audience Be honest, when you meet a person for the first time, how do you form an impression about them without knowing them immediately? Through their appearance and the manner in which they communicate with you. Communication is the process of sending and receiving information and spreading knowledge among people. We all communicate on a daily bases, but few of us do it well enough. Sufficient communication skills act as the basis of all our relationships and determine how we relate to people. From public speaking to presentations, job interviews, personal relationships and daily transactions, there is no scenario where communication cannot help you achieve the goals you truly deserve. Being able to articulate your views and express yourself is critical in both business and personal relationships. Imagine having a head full of ideas but not having the ability to show or convey them. Effective communication gives you the power to put across your ideas assuredly and compellingly. In this book, you will learn everything you need to know about how to effectively communicate without being misunderstood, including: How To Build Effective Communication Skills How To Handle Public Speaking How To Get Your Point Across And Avoid Conflicts How Body Language Can Compliment Your Verbal Skills How To Be An Active Listener And much, much more! Just Click "Buy Now" And Set Yourself On The Right Path To Mastering The Art Of Effective Communication!

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