DSGN06116 2018 Game Content Design 1

General Details

Full Title
Game Content Design 1
Transcript Title
Game Content Design 1
75 %
Subject Area
DSGN - Design
COMP - Computing & Creative Practices
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2018 - Full Academic Year 2018-19
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Paul Powell, Neil Gannon, John Weir, Mr. Mark Rooney
Programme Membership
SG_KGAME_C06 201800 Higher Certificate in Science in Games Development SG_KGADV_B07 202100 Bachelor of Science in Computing in Games Development

This module will allow the learner to develop graphic content for 2D games. The module will focus on the design & production of 2D graphic content with the view to incorporating this content in a game. It will broaden the students experiences of design principles such as brainstorming, sketching, group work, with a focus on generating ideas from a brief, conceptualization and finally exporting the work ready for importing into a game engine. The process will include generating multiple low fidelity ideas through sketching, communicating/presenting those ideas as well as the development of design concepts in 2d in appropriate software.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Create 2D sprite sheets


Create 2D animated characters


Use a design process to develop game content


Create the background & props required for a 2D game level

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Assessment will be 100% continuous assessment and will be project based in nature.

Module Assessment Strategies

Assessment will be 100% continuous assessment and will be project based in nature.

Ongoing assessment will require the student to creating a sketchbook of sketches/ideas for the project/s they engage with which will develop throughout the module and will be assessable on completion of the module. 

Repeat Assessments

On failing the module, the learner will be required to complete a project based repeat assessment.

A Project brief will be issued in which the varying details of the project will be set out and the

project will be submitted digitally or by mail to the lecturer or the exams office.




Indicative Syllabus

Create 2D sprite sheets

The learner will use software to create 2D sprite sheets for a concept game level which can be used in a game engine.

Create 2d animated characters

  • Sprites
  • Key Frames
  • Frame Rates
  • Tweening
  • Animation loops
  • Z order

Use a design process to develop game content

  • Using research/reference material to aid the design process
  • Developing a visual style
  • Sketching
  • Generating conceptual ideas
  • Presenting/defending ideas

Create the background and props required for a 2d game level

The learner will use software to create 2D backgrounds for a concept game level which can be used in a game engine. 







Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Sketch a series of 2D game sprite concepts Continuous Assessment Project 20 % Week 4 1,2,3
2 Create a 2D sprite animation Continuous Assessment Project 60 % Week 12 1,2,3,4
3 Explore the design process in relation to the development of games assets Continuous Assessment Project 20 % OnGoing 4

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Design Projectwork Computer Laboratory Game asset design 4 Weekly 4.00
Independent Learning Not Specified Project work 3 Weekly 3.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 4.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Recommended Reading
2013-07-05 Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book Adobe Press
ISBN 0321929497 ISBN-13 9780321929495

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Illustrator CC

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Purchasing this book gives you access to the downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects in the book, and to electronic book updates covering new features that Adobe releases for Creative Cloud customers. For access, go to www.peachpit.com/redeem and redeem the unique code provided inside this book.

The Classroom in a Book series is by far the best training material on the market. Everything you need to master the software is included: clear explanations of each lesson, step-bystep instructions, and the project files for the students.

Barbara Binder,
Adobe Certified Instructor
Rocky Mountain Training

Module Resources

Other Resources

Drawing materials

Pencils, markers, sketchbook, Pens