CONS06024 2019 Introduction to Facilities Management and Environmental, Health And Safety.

General Details

Full Title
Introduction to Facilities Management and Environmental, Health And Safety.
Transcript Title
Introduction to Facilities Man
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Subject Area
CONS - Construction
CENG - Civil Eng. and Construction
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2019 - Full Academic Year 2019-20
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Barrie Cox, Daniel Clark Hagan
Programme Membership
SG_SPROP_C06 201900 Higher Certificate in Science in Property Services and Facilities Management SG_SFACI_E06 202000 Certificate in Facilities Management

The module provides an introduction to Facility Management and EHS, within the scope of FM, by examining the main trends currently emerging in the area.

The aim of the module is to provide the student with an understanding of the facility management and EHS professions. 


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Demonstrate an understanding of and appraise, the emergence and on-going development of the profession of property and facility management and further, classify, categorise and  differentiate the main trends emerging in the profession


Demonstrate an appreciation of the main theoretical concepts underpinning the profession


Be able to compare and contrast the relationships between property asset management and the property development and investment industries. FM and EVM


Demonstrate a knowledge of and explain the regulatory requirements and best practices relating to EHS management throughout a property's life-cycle


Identify and define the concepts of intelligent buildings (IBs), and the opportunities offered by the application of computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) systems.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

This module will be delivered using blended learning techniques.

This will include online lectures (via adobe connect or similar), workshops and work based learning where relevant along with guest lectures and augmented by independent learning and directed learning.

This approach is expected to address student learning needs.

Moodle will be used to upload educational material (i.e. presentations and recordings of online lectures plus supplementary reading material and additional resources).

Moodle will also be further used as a means of assessment, utilising online quizzes, for the uploading of assignments and reports.

This multi-faceted, blended approach of; lectures, workshops and online resources fosters collaborative student learning.

Module Assessment Strategies

Module will be assessed using a combination of end of semester final exam (60%), continuous assessment and course work (40%).

The continuous assessment and course work will involve one assignment where students will be required to;

  1. Provide a research report which demonstrates the student's ability to carry out research and critically evaluate; strategies, trends and emerging issues associated with FM and EHS. This report will comprise a literature review and shall be approximately 5000 words in length.

Repeat Assessments

Repeat Continuous Assessment and/or Final Exam.

Indicative Syllabus

Historical framework for the development of facility management and EHS as professions.

Principal theories in the area of property and facility management and the application of academic theory in the profession, including the principles of tenanted property.

Property and facility management in an Irish context.

Main definitions pertaining to the facilities management and EHS industry.

Main trends and emerging issues associated with the profession of facility management and EHS, including Economic Drivers, Earned Value Management etc.

FM Concepts, principles and strategies

EHS Concepts, principles and strategies relating to Facilities Management


Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
40 %
End of Semester / Year Formal Exam
60 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Research report Continuous Assessment Assignment 40 % OnGoing 2,4,5

End of Semester / Year Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Final Exam Final Exam Closed Book Exam 60 % End of Semester 1,2,3,4,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Lecture Theatre Lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Independent Learning Not Specified Self Directed 5 Weekly 5.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 2.00 Hours

Part Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Tiered Classroom Lecture 1 Weekly 1.00
Directed Learning Tiered Classroom Directed Learning 1 Weekly 1.00
Workshop Flat Classroom Learning Workshop 0.16 Weekly 0.16
Independent Learning Not Specified Self Directed Learning 4.84 Weekly 4.84
Total Part Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 2.16 Hours

Online Learning Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Distance Learning Suite Lecture 1 Weekly 1.00
Directed Learning Distance Learning Suite Directed Learning 1 Weekly 1.00
Workshop Flat Classroom Learning Workshop 0.16 Weekly 0.16
Independent Learning Not Specified Self Directed Learning 4.84 Weekly 4.84
Total Online Learning Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 2.16 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Required Reading
20/10/2019 Property Asset Management. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press

Required Reading
1999-08-01 Environmental Code of Practice for Buildings and Their Services BSRIA
ISBN 0860225240 ISBN-13 9780860225249
Required Reading
2006-07-01 Energy Efficiency in Buildings (CIBSE Guide) Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
ISBN 1903287340 ISBN-13 9781903287347
Required Reading
2009-02-14 CIBSE Guide H: Building Control Systems Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
ISBN 1906846006 ISBN-13 9781906846008
Required Reading
2015-09-28 Value-Based Facilities Management: How Facilities Practitioners Can Deliver Competitive Advantage to Organisations Candid Creation Publishing
ISBN 9810965338 ISBN-13 9789810965334
Required Reading
2008-12-15 Facilities Management Handbook Routledge
ISBN 0750689773 ISBN-13 9780750689779

Unusual book

Required Reading
2015-02-06 Total Facility Management Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN 1118655389 ISBN-13 9781118655382
Required Reading
2007-12-07 The Facility Manager's Guide to Environmental Health and Safety Government Institutes
ISBN 0865871876 ISBN-13 9780865871878

Addressing everything from the history of the federal agencies that enforce the regulations to the requirements of the regulations themselves, this new book provides facility managers with a comprehensive instruction manual for understanding and complying with the major Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Whether you manage a chemical facility, a warehouse, or an office building, you'll learn what your roles and responsibilities are and how to address your facility's environmental health and safety issues. In addition to discussing such legal requirements as recordkeeping, respiratory protection, hazardous waste management and training, hazard communication, and emergency response, author Brian Gallant provides practical recommendations for establishing and implementing safety and health procedures. He also provides nearly two dozen checklists, forms, and sample documents to help you establish and maintain a successful environmental health and safety program, including a safety meeting report template, a fire prevention audit checklist, a hazardous waste area weekly inspection checklist, and a Chemical Use in Facility Areas Self-Audit checklist.

Required Reading
Building Regulations Technical Guidance Documents. Stationery Office, Dublin.

Required Reading
2018 Health, Safety and Environment Test
ISBN 1857514777 ISBN-13 9781857514773
Required Reading
2018-10-30 Health and Safety
ISBN 1138349216 ISBN-13 9781138349216
Required Reading
2016-05-03 Health and Safety at Work
ISBN 0749478179 ISBN-13 9780749478179

Establish the proper systems and procedures for effective health and safety management and the legal requirements that businesses need to be aware of with this guide for UK employers.

Required Reading
2015-02-23 Total Facility Management John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 9781118655382 ISBN-13 1118655389

The importance of effective facility management in enabling organizations to function efficiently is widely recognized. The fourth edition of Total Facility Management offers a comprehensive treatment of what facility management means to owners, operators, tenants, facility managers and professional advisors, as well as containing advice on how facilities can be better managed from a number of perspectives. It consolidates current best practice, defines and develops emergent areas and offers a pathway for the future development of facility management. The facility management body of knowledge now benefits from the publication of several national and international standards, none of which were available when earlier editions of the book were published. The opportunity has been taken to modify the structure and content of this new edition to align it with these standards to provide readers and their organizations with a comprehensive treatment of the subject. Greater emphasis has been given to facility planning, especially the briefing stage in the design of a new or refurbished facility; design for operability; stakeholder management; outsourcing; procurement; transition; performance management; environmental management; sustainability; maintenance management; information management and building information modelling (BIM). Throughout the book, the links between facility management practice and the organisation's business objectives are emphasised. Readers worldwide will find this fourth edition a valuable and thought-provoking blend of the principles and practice of facility management.

Required Reading
2009 Facilities Management Handbook Routledge
ISBN 9780750689779 ISBN-13 0750689773

Now in this fourth edition, the Facilities Management Handbook has been fully updated from the acclaimed previous editions, continuing its status as an invaluable resource to those working in facilities management, whether just starting out or as seasoned campaigners and practitioners. Information is presented in a clear and logical way, offering easy-to-find advice and best practice information that's essential in guaranteeing the safe, efficient and cost-effective running of any facilities function. Many sections have been completely revised, such as the chapters on complying with health and safety and property law. Other information on workplace facilities has been brought completely up to date in line with legal compliance and strategic policies to create a reliable and accurate overview of the role of today's facilities manager. This up-to-date and revised handbook will be a key guide for the changing times that are ahead. * Clearly explains UK Health & Safety legislation providing unambiguous information needed for legal compliance * Gives an overview to the diverse duties covered by a facilities manager, eliminating the need for separate references * Includes checklists and sources of further information for easy-to-find advice

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