CARE08056 2016 Disability Studies

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Full Title
Disability Studies
Transcript Title
Disability Studies
80 %
Subject Area
CARE - Social Studies
SOCS - Social Sciences
08 - NFQ Level 8
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2016 - Full Academic Year 2016-17
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Jessica Mannion, Deirdre Scott
Programme Membership
SG_HEARL_G07 201600 Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Educ SG_SoCaSOCI_G07 201600 Bachelor of Arts in Social Care Practice SG_WSOCI_H08 201600 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Care Practice SG_HEARL_H08 201700 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Humanities in Early Childhood Care and Educ SG_HSOCI_H08 201700 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Care Practice SG_HEARL_H08 201800 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Care and Educ SG_HSOCI_H08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Sciences in Social Care Practice

This module explores the concept of disability as it is understood in attitudes and values, together with the consideration of the equal status and right of people with disabilities.  A strong emphasis is placed on the role of advocacy, person-centered planning, promoting and supporting independence. Current debates in the disability sector along with safeguarding policy, Protected Disclosure Act, Trust in Care and ethical and professional practice are integral to this module.

This module maps to the CORU Standards of Proficiency below:

• Domain 1: Professional Autonomy and Accountability

• Domain 2: Communication, Collaborative Practice and Team working

• Domain 3: Safety & Quality

• Domain 4: Professional Development

• Domain 5: Professional Knowledge and Skills

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Critique the disability discourse from an equality perspective, with an understanding of its development trajectory. (Domain 1.9, 2.12, 3.6, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.14, 5.15)


Demonstrate ability to research and present information  on a pertinent document/legislation to colleagues. (Domain 1.1, 1.9, 1.11, 1.21, 1.22, 1.23; 2.2, 2.6, 2.16; 3.6; 4.4; 5.3, 5.15, 5.16, 5.19).


Identify, through field research, current challenges in the disability sector for service users, staff and management. (Domain 1.9, 2.12, 3.6, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.14, 5.15)


Evaluate the relationship between theory and practise in relation to equality and inclusion in the field of disability (Domain 1.9, 2.12, 3.6, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.14, 5.15)

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Lectures, Tutorials, visiting practitioners, advocates, and service users.

Attendance at lectures and tutorials will be monitored.

Module Assessment Strategies

Group Presentation 50%. working in groups of 3 - 4 students will evaluate a current document or disability legislation and present it to colleagues in a peer learning event.   Learning outcome 1, 2,4 

Individual assignment 50%  A written essay, incorporating field research, on the current debates /challenges in the disability sector in Ireland.  Learning outcome 1,4

This modules assessment allows for assessment of CORU Standards of Proficiency as follows:

Presentation (Domain 1.1, 1.9, 1.11, 1.21, 1.22, 1.23, 2.2, 2.6, 2.16, 3.6, 4.4, 5.3,5.15, 5.16, 5.19).

Research essay (Domain 1.9,  2.12, 3.6, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.14, 5.15)

Repeat Assessments

Individual Assignment

Indicative Syllabus

Study of Disability movement and current discourse.  The background to the disability movement will be looked at from a historical, sociological, ethical and political aspect.

Current issues will be examined with this backdrop and looking to future developments in advocacy, education, employment, health, leisure and recreation,  relationships, gender, and sexuality.

Particular attention will be paid to the living arrangements of people with disability within this period of change from congregate settings to independent or smaller units.

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

End of Semester / Year Formal Exam
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Peer Learning Presentation Continuous Assessment Assignment 50 % Week 10 2
2 Written Asssignment Continuous Assessment Assignment 50 % Week 12 1,3,4

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Lecture Tiered Classroom Lecture 2 Weekly 2.00
Tutorial Flat Classroom Tutorial 1 Weekly 1.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 3.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Recommended Reading
2013 Applied Social Care Gill and Macmillan

An Introduction for Students in Ireland

Recommended Reading
2005 Disabilty Act Government Publications


Recommended Reading
2004 Equality Act Gov. Publications


Recommended Reading
2004 National Disability Strategy Gov. Publications


Recommended Reading
2007 Citizens Information Act Gov. Pub.


Recommended Reading
2009 National Quality Standards: residential services for people with disabilities HIAQ


Recommended Reading
2011 Time to Move from Congregrated Settings: A strategy for community Inclusion HSE


Recommended Reading
2012 New Directions. Review of HSE day services and Implementation Plan 2012-2016 HSE


Recommended Reading
2013 Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland. National Implementaiton Framework Dept. of Health

Implementation plan

Recommended Reading
2012 Assisted Decision Making (Capacity ) Bill Gov. Pub


Recommended Reading
2013 Intimacy and Sexual Relationships - Guidance for Designated Centres HIAQ


Recommended Reading
2009 Friendships and taboos - Research on Sexual Health Promotioin for People with Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disabilities in the 18-25 age range HSE


Recommended Reading
2005 Trust in Care HSE


Recommended Reading
2014 Safeguarding Vulnerable Person at Risk of Abuse. HSE

National Policy and Procedures

Recommended Reading
2007 United National Conventiion on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UNCRPD


Recommended Reading
2008 Dispersed or Clustered Housing for disabled adults. a systematic review unknown


Recommended Reading
2012 Moving Ahead Trinity College Dublin

Mapping the National Disability Policy Landscape

Module Resources

URL Resources
Other Resources

As new reports/legislation are publised these will be incorporated into the module