ART06106 2019 Drawing 4 (Sustaining Practices)

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Full Title
Drawing 4 (Sustaining Practices)
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Drawing 4 (Sustaining Practice
80 %
Subject Area
ART - Art
YADA - Yeats Academy Art Dsgn & Arch
06 - NFQ Level 6
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2019 - Full Academic Year 2019-20
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Ronnie Hughes, Lizzie Kinsella
Programme Membership
SG_AARTT_B07 201900 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art SG_AARTT_H08 201900 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art

This module aims to foster an independent approach to drawing as a means of visual expression in its own right. The module is designed to bring students from a project lead brief to a self sustaining drawing practice under the guidance of assigned lecturers. Contextualisation of historical and contemporary art practices is embedded within student drawing practice.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Have sustained and broadened drawing skills and creative approaches in a variety of applications and materials through visual journals.


Have developed an individual approach and relationship to materials and working practices in respect of observational and conceptual drawing and are able to contextualise historical and contemporary artists and art practices.


Have developed and implemented a series of research strategies that are then applied to studio projects and self-sustaining studio drawing practice.


Have acquired a good standard of studio practice, participated and contributed to individual and group tutorials and have initiated and produced a body of drawing that demonstrates and articulates personal drawing skills, conceptual ideas, methodologies of research and understanding of outcomes.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

A variety of teaching and learning strategies are engaged. These range from individual and group tutorials encompassing research methodologies, processing and utilisation. Practical demonstrations and workshops of materials, techniques and processes are included within the drawing room/studio context. Learning may also be supplemented by Field Trips and Visiting Artist Programme.

Module Assessment Strategies

Practical work will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and there will be a formal mid semester review. Assessment will take place at the end of the semester. At this point each of the learning outcomes are considered in relation to the art works presented and in relation to the supporting portfolio (which should include support studies, accompanying documentation, visual journals and texts where appropriate).


Repeat Assessments

Students will be given repeat project briefs, which will be issued at the end of the academic stage and submitted in the autumn.

Indicative Syllabus


Independently research areas of concern relating to project briefs and self-sustaining drawing practice. Research and development of personal visual ideas and concepts through the use of visual research journals, promoting inquiry and experimentation, while contextualising historical and contemporary artists and their practices.

Applied Development

Apply research to project briefs through studio drawing practice and demonstrate developing intuitive instincts.

Project Drawing

Utilise expanded drawing vocabulary through observational, imaginative, analytical and conceptual drawing practice.

Engage with a wide range of traditional and unconventional drawing materials.

Studio Practice

Implement and sustain methods of good studio practice cultivating dynamic working systems, materials and approaches.

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 Sustainable research and practice Practical Assessment 50 % End of Semester 1,2
2 Exhibition/Presentation of a body of drawing Practical Assessment 50 % End of Semester 3,4

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Practical Drawing Room Contextual Drawing 3 Weekly 3.00
Practical Drawing Room Studio Drawing 3 Weekly 3.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 6.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Recommended Reading
2012-09-15 Hyperdrawing I.B.Tauris
ISBN 9781780762548 ISBN-13 1780762542

In hyperdrawing: beyond the lines of contemporary art, authors and artists come together to explore the potential of what drawing in contemporary art theory and practice might become. In this follow-up to 2007's drawing now: between the lines of contemporary art, Phil Sawdon and Russell Marshall, two of the current directors of TRACEY, curate contemporary drawing within fine art practice from 2006 through to 2010. Four essays and images from 33 international artists collectively explore the boundaries of the hyperdrawing space, investigating in essence what lies beyond drawing - images that use traditional materials or subjects whilst also pushing beyond the traditional, employing sound, light, time, space and technology. Over and above traditional views and practices, the authors and artists in this book recognise and embrace the opportunities inherent in the essential ambiguity of drawing. Practitioners of hyperreal works, 2D3D4D pieces and installations that push beyond photorealism all find their place within this new conception of hyperdrawing as techne, a productive space no longer limited by spatial boundaries.Artists including Catherine Bertola, Layla Curtis, Garrett Phelan, Suzanne Treister and Ulrich Vogl alongside the essays of Emma Cocker, Siun Hanrahan and Marsha Meskimmon provide a contemporary view in both visual and written form of how ambiguity can be used as a strategic approach in drawing research and practice. A gallery in book form, hyperdrawing takes drawing beyond the interaction of pencil and paper and traces contemporary adventures in multiple dimensions and alternate realities.

Recommended Reading
2002-01-01 Drawing Now The Museum of Modern Art
ISBN 0870703625 ISBN-13 9780870703621

"The art of drawing flourished in the 1990s, and broke significantly from the tenets of twentieth-century modernism. Drawing Now: Eight Propositions surveys this new work, and shows drawing as no less adventurous and aesthetically satisfying than any of the more recent and seemingly more current methods of artmaking today. Carefully executed and highly finished, the drawings explored in this book - which accompanies an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art (in its temporary home in Queens, New York) in 2002-2003 - are largely representational and descriptive, sometimes with an interest in story-telling. Some show affinities with illustration, fashion, or comic strips; others are closer to industrial and commercial varieties of precision drawing, such as architectural plans and scientific renderings; still others take ideas from the traditions of ornament."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Recommended Reading
2004 Drawing Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN 0534613357 ISBN-13 9780534613358

A guide to drawing provides exercises to increase fluency in drawing, provide experience in handling media, develop self-confidence, and impart an understanding of art elements and their roles.

Required Reading
2018-03-09 Vitamin D2 Phaidon Press
ISBN 0714876445 ISBN-13 9780714876443

An indispensable survey of the most dynamic contemporary drawing, chosen by leading art world professionals - now in paperback More than 250,000 copies of books in the acclaimed 'Vitamin' series have been bought by art lovers across the world. In 2005, Vitamin D inaugurated a vibrant period for drawing, followed by Vitamin D2, which showcased 115 outstanding artists pushing the medium's boundaries. With nominations from over 70 international critics and curators and an introduction by drawing expert Christian Rattemeyer, Vitamin D2 provides a broad overview of drawing while also looking towards its future. Artists include: Charles Avery, Pablo Bronstein, Paul Chan, Ewan Gibbs, Cameron Jamie, Aleksandra Mir, Amalia Pica, Imran Qureshi, Adrin Villar Rojas Nominators include: Lynne Cooke, Thelma Golden, Christine Macel, Jessica Morgan, Bob Nickas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Scott Rothkopf, Beatrix Ruf, Barry Schwabsky, Nancy Spector Introduction by: Christian Rattemeyer, Associate Curator of Drawings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Recommended Reading
2016-05-23 Vitamin D Phaidon Press
ISBN 0714857130 ISBN-13 9780714857138

A global survey of drawing today featuring over 100 contemporary artists Vitamin D offers a fresh and pioneering overview of the current state and underlying significance of drawing as an artistic medium. It highlights the originality and innovation with which contemporary artists in the genre - from across the world and in a vast variety of contexts - experiment with a diversity of styles and statements. Vitamin D features the work of 109 contemporary artists, selected by some of the world's foremost critics and curators for their unique outlook. It is in itself an artistic compilation of the endless possibilities that drawing offers an artist from any background. This book is a captivating composition of examples of the evolution of drawing in the twenty-first century. It reveals the energy of contemporary drawing, in a subtle presentation of the richness and versatility of the medium. With several pages dedicated to images of each artist's work and a deeply analytical parallel text, Vitamin D is at once a detailed reference book for art world aficianados and an absorbing introduction for newcomers to the scene. Highly informative and aesthetically stimulating, this book is an essential work in its own right, through its exposition of just how fundamental an artistic medium drawing continues to be.

Recommended Reading
2015-06-30 Drawing Ambiguity I.B.Tauris
ISBN 9781784530693 ISBN-13 1784530697

This is the third book in the innovative TRACEY series on contemporary drawing. Drawing Ambiguity builds upon its predecessors, Drawing Now and Hyperdrawing, by proposing that a position of ambiguity, a lack of definition, is not only desirable within fine art drawing but also necessary - having the capacity to enable and sustain drawing practices. What happens if we are ambivalent to what is a drawing, or what drawing is? Russell Marshall and Phil Sawdon bring together multiple perspectives from within and without the fine art drawing field to respond to these questions. Contributors include artist Ilana Halperin, artist-researcher Deborah Harty, artist and founder member of the group Underworld Karl Hyde, the creative collaboration Kreider + O'Leary, artist, writer Michael Phillipson, artist, academic Rob Ward, editors Marshall and Sawdon together with an Introduction by the artist, writer and curator Derek Horton.

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