ADMN07012 2016 Digital Business Communication

General Details

Full Title
Digital Business Communication
Transcript Title
Dig Bus Comm
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Subject Area
ADMN - Administration
BUS - Business
07 - NFQ Level 7
05 - 05 Credits
Start Term
2016 - Full Academic Year 2016-17
End Term
9999 - The End of Time
Clodagh Crowe
Programme Membership
SG_BADMN_B07 202100 Bachelor of Business in Business Administration L7 SG_BADMN_J07 202100 Bachelor of Business in Business Administration L7

This modules provides the learner with both a theoretical and applied understanding of digital business communications.  The learner will review digital communication tools, select tools to allow for best practice business communication to include presentation software, publishing software, social and professional digital platforms, develop digital literacy, as well as understand the ethical and regulatory conduct in the digital space.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;


Demonstrate ability to create and manage an e-portfolio for an individual and a business.


Prepare a presentation and business communication documents using online software and colloboration tools.


Describe and evaluate the impact of electronic communications on traditional business.


Critique individually and in a team online content and understand the principles of curating content suitable to a specific audience.


Identify specific issues in small firms and design a solutions to support their online communication activities.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The Student will be delivered by providing the student with both the theory behind communicating professionally online and also a practical demonstration of all of the functions of how to build a web presence.  The student will go through a stage approach to developing an e-presence as an individual and designing a presence online for a company. 

Module Assessment Strategies

In-class assessment to assess knowledge of theory.

Design and develop an online business communication plan for a small business - following a professional, well documented desing process.  The student will be required to carry out interviews, desk research, client and customer research etc.

Develop an e-portfolio for the business. 


Repeat Assessments

Repeat practical and theory (dependent on which section the student fails to achieve)

Indicative Syllabus

Understanding of Digital business communication principles, technologies and infrastructure.

Understanding Digital Business Communication Concepts

  • Understanding the principles of effective business communication and the communication process to include online communication;
  • Criteria to ensure effective online business communication;
  • On-line versus Face-to-Face communication.

 Electronic Communication Design Process

  • Understand digital needs of a business, research audience requirements, design a suitable message with purpose to transfer online using colloborative methods.
  • Planning for online communication - both for a company and for individual professional identity online.

Online Communication Tools - Documents, Collaboration and Multimedia Communication tools

  • Understand the benefits of online collaboration tools and understand cloud computing;
  • Use a range of multimedia tools to colloborate and build effective and presuasive communications;
  • Develop the skill to setup and use online collaborative tools, calendars, social media, web meetings, learning environments, mobile technology and cloud computing;
  • Working with Content Management Systems for web presence;
  • Blogs, Microblogs, social media publishing; forums, groups, content communities, social networks; creating events, meetings, building connections;
  • Using online applicaitons such as presentation and publishing software online for professional communications;
  • Using online software to support the creation of forms both on and offline for output online.

Foundations of Social Media

  • The role of social media in business communication and explore the tools to build relationships with customers.
  • Social media for PR to include strategies for building and enhancing business reputation, engaging with publics, building online communities etc.
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • Social Media Advertising.

Writing and editing for Digital Media

  • Principles and techniques for writing and editing relevant, compelling content for various digital media platforms.
  • Curation and creation of relevant content - how to find and share on social media channels.
  • User-centred communiation design and cusotmer experience management.

Increasing conversions and assessing

  • Data/Social Media Analytics and Optimisation - mesure awareness, attention, reach and influence of your business/brand.

IT Security, Document and Reputation Management

  • Understand importance of keeping information and data secure, and identify common data/privacy protection and control principles;
  • Acquire a knowledge of online security concepts to include understand of security over networks, wireless security, browsing security, email security, social networking security;
  • Recognise the importance of intellectual property rights and the appropriate use of content when using online collaborative tools;
  • E-environment to include social, legal, privacy and trust issues;
  • Law in relation to protection of data;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and good ethical practice in business communications online.

Coursework & Assessment Breakdown

Coursework & Continuous Assessment
100 %

Coursework Assessment

Title Type Form Percent Week Learning Outcomes Assessed
1 E-Portfolio Project Project 50 % End of Semester 1,2,3,4,5
2 Assessment of Theory Continuous Assessment Closed Book Exam 20 % Week 10 3,4,5
3 In-Class practical assessment Practical Practical Evaluation 30 % OnGoing 2,4,5

Full Time Mode Workload

Type Location Description Hours Frequency Avg Workload
Laboratory Practical Computer Laboratory Practical and Theory Class 5 Weekly 5.00
Independent Learning Computer Laboratory Student Independently working on e-portfolio 2 Weekly 2.00
Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 5.00 Hours

Required & Recommended Book List

Recommended Reading
2014-12-18 Digital Business & E-Commerce Management, 6th ed. Strategy Implementation & Practice Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN 0273786547 ISBN-13 9780273786542

This text offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of e-business and e-commerce management. The author, Dave Chaffey, brings his trademarks of authority, clarity of expression and teaching expertise to bear on a subject in which he actively lectures and consults. Popular for its cutting-edge and contemporary coverage, this text offers an international approach and a good balance between the technical and managerial topics of central importance to developing an understanding of this subject. Developed for students studying e-business or e-commerce at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and also used by many business managers, this is the essential text to keep pace with technology, strategy and implementation.

Recommended Reading
2014 Lesikar's Business Communication McGraw-Hill
ISBN 1259060802 ISBN-13 9781259060809

Book by Kathryn Rentz

Recommended Reading
2009-08-12 Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 0071606025 ISBN-13 9780071606028

The explosion of blogs, social networking sites, wikis, video sharing sites, and other powerful digital communications platforms may be the biggest game-changer to impact business since mechanized manufacturing. In todays Web 2.0 world, company stakeholders--including employees, customers, and investors--are empowered in ways unimaginable just a few years ago, and traditional corporate hierarchies are yesterdays news.

Rather than attempt to turn back the clock and reassert strict, top-down control over stakeholder relationships, the smartest companies worldwide are responding with bold new digital communications strategies based on transparency, authenticity, and inclusion, instead of secrecy, artificiality, and exclusion.

International corporate communications guru Paul A. Argenti provides a lively, up-to-the- minute review of the Web 2.0 landscape and analyzes the increasingly central role corporate communications plays in virtually every organizational function. Argenti and coauthor Courtney Barnes advise corporate leaders on how to deploy proven strategies for using new and emerging digital platforms to

  • Manage brand identity and company reputation
  • Build a culture of engagement and transparency
  • Turn stakeholders into company evangelists
  • Manage internal communications across time zones and language barriers
  • Recruit and retain the best talent
  • Develop compelling messages based on customer and investor needs and desires

Argenti and Barnes provide case studies illustrating digital communications best practices at HP, Southwest Airlines, Sony, Dell, IBM, Starbucks, HBO, FedEx, GE, and other major players.

This groundbreaking book will teach you how to gain real, manageable control over your organizations communications in todays virtual world.

Recommended Reading
2009-09-12 Understanding Media in the Digital Age Pearson
ISBN 0205595820 ISBN-13 9780205595822

Written by two of the fields most eminent experts, this exciting new introduction to mass media makes connections between communication research and the reality of the media industry.

Understanding Media in the Digital Age shows readers how to navigate the world of traditional and new media while fostering an understanding of mass communication theory, history, active research findings, and professional experience.

Recommended Reading
2013-10-09 Strategic Digital Marketing: Top Digital Experts Share the Formula for Tangible Returns on Your Marketing Investment McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 0071819509 ISBN-13 9780071819503


The digital age is hereand its developing rapidly. Regardless of your industry, sector, or geography, you need to understand the power of digital strategies to market your brand, reach your audience, and broaden your framework for success. This comprehensive, all-in-one guide combines the collective insights of top digital marketers, consultants, and academicseach one an expert in his or her field.

With the proven techniques of Strategic Digital Marketing, youll be able to:

  • Plan, strategize, and implement a complete marketing campaign that best suits you and your company.
  • Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to not only engage your target audience, but get real results.
  • Improve your website and supersize your media presence through liquid content, mobile apps, engaging videos, social contests, and more.
  • Develop a logical and balanced approach to digital, using the proper tools, to measure and maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Reshape your management framework and redesign your company for digital-era growth, functionality, and success.

These are the same market-tested strategies Fortune 500 companies are using to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities that only digital media provides. Youll discover the 10 traits of digital leadership, the six habits of highly-successful firms, and the one true goal of digital marketing. Youll read first-hand accounts of social media in actionand follow real-world case studies of the hottest companies trending today. Youll also find need-to-know information on red-button subjects like emerging mobile technologies, legal guidelines for digital marketing, search engine optimization, and so much more.

Digital media has changed the world as we know it. Strategic Digital Marketing will change the way you live, work, grow . . . and succeed.

Recommended Reading
2013-01-01 The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue BenBella Books
ISBN 1937856151 ISBN-13 9781937856151

The Ultimate Primer and How-To Guide for Social Media Marketing

In the two years since the first edition became a global bestseller, the world of social media has grown and changed enough to require an updated guide.

Whether you use social media now or not, people are already talking about your company online. By becoming part of the conversation in a more meaningful way, you can start connecting directly to your customers and clients and finding new ones right away with ease and efficiency.

Social media marketing isnt like traditional marketingand treating it that way only leads to frustration and failure. In The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Shama Kabani, social media expert and president of The Marketing Zen Group (, teaches you the Zen of using social media tools to find your own marketing nirvana.

With a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan and updated content on Google+, online advertising, SEO, and more, the newest edition of The Zen of Social Media Marketing gives you:

A comprehensive overview of why social media works and how to use it to drive traffic to your website and fan page
A proven process to attract followers and fans and convert them into customers and clients
The latest updates and step-by-step guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and group-buying sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial
Tips on why, when, and how to use online advertising
Essential advice on content marketing and targeted tactics to enhance your SEO
New information on why self-expression is the true driver of social media use and how to leverage it for your business
Insights from dozens of leading online marketers and entrepreneurs, with strategies for success

Recommended Reading
2009-10-20 Social Media Success!: Practical Advice and Real World Examples for Social Media Engagement Using Social Networking Tools Like Linkedin, Twit Happy About
ISBN 1600051642 ISBN-13 9781600051647

Social media can do amazing things. It can create an environment where your friends and followers and even your own customers become evangelists and act as a virtual sales, support and marketing teams. It can help you spread word of your business, your products and your successes through extended networks of people you've never even met. It can allow you to create lasting and deep relationships across continents, religious and political beliefs, in places you've always wanted to visit or never knew existed. It can open your eyes to the richness of human relationships and even find you a job.

Social media success is not about numbers. It's about conversations and relationships. It's about getting to know your customers, your friends and neighbors and yes, even your competitors! Build good strong relationships, have lots of conversations, and your social media efforts will be successful.

This book is a launch pad for successful social media engagement. It shows how to identify the right networks, find the influencers, the people you want to talk to and which tools will work the best for you. It gives you guidelines to building a successful strategy and explains how social media works to build your business, drive traffic to your website and enhance your customer service efficiency.

'Social Media Success!' will be your guide to getting started in many of the top networks and building a cohesive plan to be as efficient as possible with your valuable time and resources. Learn from real life cases of businesses large and small who have successfully used social media networks and strategies to grow their businesses, improve customer service, raise funds and even find employment using these tools.

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